About Us

Explore Bedford was devised to provide a central hub for both locals and visitors to Bedford and it’s surrounds, to raise the profile of the town as a dynamic, unique and ambitious visitor destination.

Those who live here know that we are bigger than the sum of it’s parts and by uniting together we will have a greater impact in creating our own Bedford narrative. We operate as a membership organisation for all businesses in Bedford – however large or small – and welcome contributors to our blogs. 


Erica Roffe


07454 287287

Publisher and editor of the Bedford Clanger and co-founder of BedPop. A PR graduate with 15 years’ industry experience, Erica co-founded We Are Bedford, Bedford’s largest and most interactive Facebook group, set up the Bedford Clanger in 2011 and created BedPop in 2012. Erica is a vocal advocate of Bedford.

Julia Crofts


07966 696784

Commercial Director of the Bedford Clanger and BedPop, Julia works closely with our sponsors and partners. With 18 years’ experience in publishing and advertising, Julia was the former commercial manager at Beds on Sunday.  Julia is a born and bred Bedfordian who loves her home town.



Charlotte works with our members to produce content and promote Explore Bedford. With over 15 years marketing experience she worked in Melbourne, Sydney, London and Valencia before returning to Bedford 10 years ago – a decision she never regretted – loving the town for it’s community, idiosyncrasies and ability to always have a summer of festivals (forgetting 2020).